Tridon Australia was incorporated in 1976 to specialise in the distribution of products to the industrial and automotive markets. It is a 100% Australian owned and managed company.

In 1986, Tridon Australia incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary in New Zealand and also set up branch and warehouse facilities in each capital city of Australia.

Tridon has continued to develop its automotive, industrial and hardware product ranges and now has a comprehensive range of products that are sold to the domestic markets in Australia and New Zealand whilst its manufactured products are exported to many countries around the world including Japan, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

The Tectaloy brand has been providing quality coolants for vehicles Australia wide since 1952 and now also throughout New Zealand, giving you peace of mind when travelling or running a fleet. With the extensive availability of Tectaloy Coolants, you can ensure product conformance and compatibility, and avoid the

Over the past 40 years, GS Caltex, which aims to be a total energy service leader, has excelled in the petroleum and petrochemical businesses, but has also diversified its energy business, to become the leader in the energy industry.

Permatex is a leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium chemical  products to the automotive maintenance and repair, home and hardware markets. Product categories include gasket makers, sealants, hand cleaners, threadlockers, adhesives, cleaners, repair kits, and lubricants under well-recognized brand names such as Permatex®, the Right Stuff®, Fast Orange®, Spray Nine®, Versachem®, and Devcon® home.


The Chemtech range of vehicle care and protection products have been developed to meet the demands of extreme climatic and environmental conditions faced by Australian vehicle owners.

Reinol's environmentally friendly and economical products have helped establish new and improved standards in occupational skin care and health and safety in the workplace.

Reinol prides themselves in their service excellence and quality of product for which Reinol has become known throughout the world today.

Through their Australian manufacturing plant & import facility provide the full range of Reinol Hand Cleaners, Barrier Creams, Skin Care Products and Specialising Cleaning Chemicals